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The sweet finish

The boat ride backs brings many feeling, for Dave mainly the feeling of accomplishing a goal and of course of not swimming. Dave made it to the finish end looking chipper as ever, great job from the entire crew

Davis Best


The unknown, tired arms and a pirate

The fog is now enveloped us making line of sight maybe a quarter mile. This factor might be bumming Dave out a bit because land appears to be a life time away, but it’s not. He’s still swimming well but is getting tired (wonder why). The feeding are still going well with the occasional joke thrown in. A pirate, ok not a pirate but a huge cargo ship passed behind us about .25 miles. Man they are big. Keep watching the map because the home stretch is coming up.

Davis Best

The Second Half, Dolphins and Gray

So we’re over half way now.  Recently we’ve been spotted by a pod of dolphins who hung around for about 20 minutes.  They only appeared to show off their jumping skills and after the curiosity faded, they were gone.  Feeding now seem to be a fairly well oiled machine with Dave taking about 30-40 seconds to complete.  Dave has maintained good spirits and although is looking a bit more tired that when he started is still going strong.  Out here we’ve seemed to hit some magical point that we cannot see any land mass and are surrounded by a gray dull cloud.  I have no fear as when we see land it will be closer than expected.  And Dave swims on.

The Long Night

So we’re several hours into it and things are going as smoothly as I think they could. Chip and Greg are out in water supporting. There’s a bit of a chop and Dave’s definitely getting a little frustrated with it but nothing anyone can do. So we march on into a hopeful sunrise

Davis Best

The Swim Has Started

We are underway, Dave jumped in and began at 12:15am.  The water is a little bumpy, but not to bad.  Water temperature is about 68 at the island, meaning fairly good.  Details to follow in the twitter feed and I’ll post some pictures a bit

On the Way

On the Way

So we are under the way, and Dave is ready to get to the swimming. We left the harbor about 10 minutes ago. It’s close!

The Day Before

Well it’s almost time. Dave and I just finished the last 2200 swim, he’s looking looking good and spirits are high. The support crew is ready and we just got some Pumpkin Bars from Leslie.

Davis Best